ASA in black on pink background with black snake coiled up with tongue smelling the air


Anti-Speciesist Action is a non-hierarchical, voluntary, grassroots, pro-intersectional, consistent anti-oppression, nonhuman rights collective focused on education and direct action. We are nameless, both for security culture and to decentre ourselves.

We are focused in Éire (Ireland)

We’re anti-speciesist, anarchist, feminist, pro-sex-workers, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-blackness, pro-animality, pro-neurodivergence, pro-disabled people, pro-ageing, pro-Palestine, pro-choice, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-ableist and anti-fascist. Nonhuman and human liberation are intertwined so naturally we are consistent against all oppression and reject language that implies subjugation, be that of womxn, trans people, BIPOC, nonhumans, disabled people, neurodivergent people or anyone.

Most importantly we centre nonhuman animals in their movement.

What we are against:

Speciesism • Racism • Sexism • Heterosexism • Cissexism • Binarism • Intersexism • Dyadism • Whorephobia • Biphobia • Lesbophobia • Homophobia • Transphobia • Cisheteronormativity • Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy • Ableism • Sanism • Classism • Casteism • Ageism • Adultism • Weightism • Lookism • Sizeism • Colourism • Xenophobia • Antisemitism • Islamophobia • Zionism • Religious Discrimination • Nativism • White Supremacy • Human Supremacy • Colonialism • Imperialism • Capitalism • Fascism • Ethno-centrism • Ecocide • Biological Classism • Trans/Homo-antagonism • Transmisogyny • Misogyny • Misogynoir • Misothery • Cultural Appropriation • Rape Culture • War • Climate Breakdown • Authoritarianism • The Prison System • Saviourism • Hero Worship • Tokenism

Our code of ethics is copied from www.consistentantioppression.com and has been edited for ASA standards

1. We reject saviourism, we centre nonhuman animals in their movement.

2. We reject celebrity veganism, hero worship and activism franchises, we support grassroots local activism and focus on skill-sharing with other grassroots collectives across the world.

3. We reject oppressive language. Speciesist, sexist, ableist or otherwise.

4. We recognise that accessibility is a very real root issue that veganism must work on (access to healthy foods, classism, homelessness, etc.). Solving root issues is imperative to ensure access to all.

5. We promote antispeciesism as one part of a wider pro-intersectional and anti-oppressive network built on solidarity and mutual aid, and not in pieces (“animals only” veganism versus antispeciesism as a movement centred on working against the oppression of nonhuman animals from human supremacy and one that is consistently against all oppression and exploitation—not just for some nonhuman animals and not a movement that adds to the oppression of marginalised humans).

6. We recognise that different communities experience veganism differently. Therefore, we ensure marginalised vegans lead on their issues. We do not target people of colour or marginalised groups with campaigns, instead, we support vegans of colour working in their communities.

7. We ensure accessibility to antispeciesist or vegan events for those with disabilities (i.e. alt-text and image descriptions for those who are visually impaired, event access for those using wheelchairs, access for humans with hearing disabilities [i.e. sign language interpretations], subtitles for videos or transcripts, etc.)

8. We recognise that anyone’s antispeciesism work is not more important than their participation in oppressive behaviour (ie. sexual assault, ableism, racism, sexism, cissexism, sizeism, etc).

9. We understand that tolerating human oppression means failing nonhuman liberation because human and nonhuman oppressions are intertwined. Therefore, we commit to addressing other “-isms” when we see them.

10. We ensure marginalised humans doing antispeciesism work have an equal platform within our collective beyond tokenism. We avoid cosmetic diversity and we support those humans by giving them a platform and compensating them as we would non-marginalised humans.

11. We use content and trigger warnings. Consent in our activism is vital. You can’t expect humans to be open to a new concept when you violate their needs (ie. triggering someone’s PTSD due to violent imagery).

12. Work on root issues, do not target individuals (i.e. medicine shaming versus campaigning for vegan medicine/against vivisection; infant formula shaming versus supporting efforts towards maternity leave/vegan formula/maternity support;…)